Pharma Tech Startup Showcase

24 September 2020 | 3rd Annual Digital Pharma

4 startups at the forefront of drug discovery and treatment R&D have been selected to pitch to a targeted audience of pharma manufacturers, biotechs, tech providers, VCs and investors.


Mesh Bio: Transforming Chronic Disease Management through Predictive Analytics
Dr. Andrew Wu, CEO and Co-Founder, Mesh Bio, Singapore Automating the Fight against Heart Disease
Senior Representative from, Singapore AI-Augmented 3D Ultrasound platform at your fingertip
Dornoosh Zonoobi, Co-Founder and CEO,, Canada 

Qritive: Accelerate R&D: AI-powered histopathology
Dr. Aneesh Sathe, CEO and Co-Founder, Qritive, Singapore 

*Included in the 3-day conference programme