Program At A Glance

Day 1: 23 September 2020, Wednesday
KEYNOTE: COVID-19 Treatments and Vaccines – Ushering in a New Era for Regulation, Collaboration, and Drug Accessibility
PHARMA LEADERS’ THINK TANK: Redefining Pharma’s Role in the Global Healthcare Reform Agenda

3rd Digital Pharma

Innovation Imperatives from COVID-19

Tech Use in Trials

Next-Gen Digital Applications in Pharma Supply Chain

13th Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Priorities Post Covid-19

Covid-19: Regulatory Flexibility and Development

FDAs Updates

4th Market Access and Pricing

Covid-19 Impacts on Pricing and Access

Accelerating Drug Accessibility and Affordability

Global Market Access and Pricing Benchmarks

3rd Accelerating Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials for Coronavirus

Drug Development and Trial During COVID-19

Trial Pipelines and Spend Areas related with COVID-19

Government-led Initiatives and Collaboration Opportunity

Day 2: 24 September 2020, Thursday

3rd Digital Pharma

Tech Partnerships & Investments

COVID-19 and its impact on pharma supply chain and manufacturing

Data-Driven Process Excellence

13th Regulatory Affairs

Pricing, Products, and Regulations

Life-Cycle Approach to Quality and Safety of Pharmaceutical Products

4th Market Access and Pricing

Agile Market Access

China’s Drug Landscape

Fair Pricing, Drug Affordability and meeting Healthcare Policy

Oncology Market Strategies

COVID-19 Drug Priorities

3rd Accelerating Clinical Trials

Clinical Technology Advancements tackling COVID-19 and beyond

Remote Trials Case Studies

Trials for Various Therapeutics

AI in Drug Discovery and Clinical Data Management

Innovative Technology Use Cases

Day 3: 25 September 2020, Friday

3rd Digital Pharma

Digital Transformation in Emerging Markets

Digitalising Consumer Engagement

13th Regulatory Affairs

Digitally Transformed Reg Affairs

Pharmacovigilance System Update

International eCTD Implementation

4th Market Access and Pricing

Payers and Reimbursement

Value Creation Strategies

Australia Case Study: Managing COVID-19, Reimbursement and Regulatory Updates

RWE applications in Asia

3rd Accelerating Clinical Trials

CRO, Sponsorship and Outsourcing Efficacy

Quality Assurance in Clinical Trials

Opportunities and Strategies for Successful Patient Recruitment

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION ROUNDTABLE: Cultivating the Next-Gen of Women Leaders in Pharma