About 2nd Annual Digital Pharma Asia

Digitalisation touchpoints for Pharma are a reality. The industry is progressively looking to implement digital tech to impact business processes, marketing, customer / HCP interactions, and supply chains, all in a quest to improve efficiency and customer engagement. So where then are the applications, what are the trends, and how is digitsalisation being implemented?

The 2nd Annual Digital Pharma Summit will address the burning issues in big data analytics, RPA, AI, machine learning, alongside trends in digital therapeutics, and other innovations. It will convene a spectrum of innovative technology leaders, showcase new tech trends, practical implementation strategies and center-stage valuable insights from successful projects and amongst others.

2019 Key Discussions

  • Role of new technologies in creating a patient-centric future
  • Adopting RPA in pharma, and evaluating processes suitable for automation
  • How can digitalisation improve regulatory compliance for pharma
  • Transforming pharma marketing outcomes through digital strategy and predictive analytics
  • Pushing AI boundaries in Pharma
  • Leveraging on ML and AI to bring new insights to predict population-based diseases
  • How can Big Data help to device evidence-based public health policies
  • Digital Therapeutics – Emergence of digital health solutions “around the pill,” digital health apps, devices, services prescribed by a doctor/bundled with a drug
  • Serialisation, Track and Trace and Digitalisation for Internet of Packaging (IoP)
  • Digital Supply Chain Operations and how to gain an edge in operations
  • Driving pharma supply chain effectiveness with data-driven processes
  • Taking advangate of cognitive chatbots
  • Gamification concepts promote and maintain patient adherence
  • Building a connected digital ecosystem to accelerate digital transformation in pharma
  • Start up showcase, and partnership opportunities
  • Information governance and data sharing policies as foundations to enable and accelerate digital healthcare innovation