About 3rd Annual Digital Pharma Asia

2019 Key Discussions

  • Role of new technologies in creating a patient-centric future
  • Adopting RPA in pharma, and evaluating processes suitable for automation
  • How can digitalisation improve regulatory compliance for pharma
  • Transforming pharma marketing outcomes through digital strategy and predictive analytics
  • Pushing AI boundaries in Pharma
  • Leveraging on ML and AI to bring new insights to predict population-based diseases
  • How can Big Data help to device evidence-based public health policies
  • Digital Therapeutics – Emergence of digital health solutions “around the pill,” digital health apps, devices, services prescribed by a doctor/bundled with a drug
  • Serialisation, Track and Trace and Digitalisation for Internet of Packaging (IoP)
  • Digital Supply Chain Operations and how to gain an edge in operations
  • Driving pharma supply chain effectiveness with data-driven processes
  • Taking advangate of cognitive chatbots
  • Gamification concepts promote and maintain patient adherence
  • Building a connected digital ecosystem to accelerate digital transformation in pharma
  • Start up showcase, and partnership opportunities
  • Information governance and data sharing policies as foundations to enable and accelerate digital healthcare innovation