About 4th Annual Accelerating Clinical Trials

With COVID-19 diagnosis and therapies in high demand, hundreds of clinical trials have been designed and launched at an unprecedented rate across the world. Other therapeutic areas such as oncology and diabetes, etc. studies are put on hold, and drug manufactures are halting drug studies as COVID-19 cases hit trial sites hard.

How have innovative trial design strategies been vigorously adopted to meet the tremendous demands? Where are the opportunities for CROs and sponsors to collaborate? How has technology helped trial processes?

Delivered digitally, the 4th Accelerating Clinical Trials global conference will address the current and future of the scientific and commercial landscape for clinical trials.

2020 Highlights:

  • COVID-19 trials and global collaborations
  • Tracking COVID-19 trials
  • Government initiatives, incentives and collaboration opportunities to prime the Asian market for clinical trials
  • New regulations that will change the current clinical trial landscape due to COVID-19
  • New patient enrollment strategies amidst COVID-19
  • Effective KOL engagement and demonstrating the value of trial protocols
  • Clinical technology advancements and innovations tackling COVID-19 and beyond
  • AI in drug discovery, dealing with clinical data
  • Clinical data management and analytics – challenges faced due to large COVID-19’s vaccine trial group and solutions
  • CRO partnership – Cost control, oversight management, regulatory strategy and risk management
  • Clinical trials auditing, pharmacovigilance and drug safety best practices
  • Site activation strategies for efficiency and effectiveness in trial development

Well-organized and very cordial staff. Many information regarding clinical trials update and digital technology for CTs used. The experts are practitioners that implemented and improved their practices based on expertise that can be implied in the ASEAN countries.

– Hanoum Kayasa Swasti, QA, Pharma Metric Labs

Industry was more open in sharing their business strategy decisions.

– Jennifer Harmon, Director, Clinical Affairs, SynAgile Corporation