About 3rd Annual Accelerating Clinical Trials in Asia

Asia Pacific’s clinical trials market is burgeoning; pharma manufacturers are investing in more trials programs to meet demands. Innovation in outsourcing market have surged and are now having a strong impact on patient-centricity, risk-based monitoring, digitisation, adaptive trials, and the use of intelligent analytics. By 2021, the global market for clinical trials is expected to reach $60 billion, a 75% increase from 2015. The new and renewed demand is now driven by a single region — Asia.

Following two successful years, the third iteration of Accelerating Clinical Trials in Asia returns to Singapore on 25-27 September 2019 to centre-stage key insights and case studies comprising technology advancement, regulatory reforms and operational efficiency in clinical trials, and many more.

2019 Key Discussions

  • Emergence of new therapeutics trials – CART-Trials, opportunities, requirements and best practices
  • Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOAs), eConsent
  • Asia Pacific trends and commercial trials opportunities activities in various therapeutic areas, and disease burden
  • Identifying new market for clinical trials
  • Biosimilar trials – innovation, new developments and future direction for this market
  • Precision medicine personalisation trial strategy on oncology therapy
  • Clinical trial case studies for specific diseases – cancer and immunotherapy, infectious diseases, vaccines development
  • Combination products –Preclinical testing and clinical investigation
  • Regional government incentives, investment and collaboration opportunities
  • New and hot regulations that change the current clinical trial landscape
  • Addressing regulatory bottlenecks in accelerating clinical trials
  • Data integrity,
  •  clinical data management and analytics
  • Digitalisation case studies and associated risks and opportunities
  • Clinical technology advancements and innovations
  • AI in drug discovery and dealing with clinical data
  • Wearables, mobile, various sensors for clinical trials case studies
  • Process and technology innovations in the Oncology trial space
  • Biostatistical applications in clinical trials
  • Effective KOL engagement and demonstrating the value of trial protocols
  • Clinical trial infrastructure development

“Most of the topics are really insightful and provide lots of useful information related to my work and interest”

Clinical Project Manager, PT Dexa Medical