3rd Annual Digital Pharma Asia – Agenda

Day 1

Opening Plenary

COVID-19 Treatments and Vaccines – Ushering in a New Era for Regulation, Collaboration, and Drug Accessibility

Dr. Andreas Schmidt, Chief Executive Officer, Proteona, Singapore/Germany

Redefining Pharma’s Role in the Global Healthcare Reform Agenda

  • COVID-19 vaccines candidate development
  • Regulations on pandemic drugs approval and accelerated clinical trials under diverse regimes
  • Future of pricing and affordability for Novel Drugs
  • Why technology should be the key component to surviving COVID-19?
  • AI and its immense potential in use of pandemic treatments and early detection

Dr. Sucharita Das, Head of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance APAC, Pfizer, Singapore
Edsel Pereira
, Group Vice President – Information Technology, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, India
Alexander Zach
, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Market Access and Policy, Biocon, India
Dr. Keith Carpenter
, A*STAR Senior Fellow, Pharma Innovation Programme Singapore (PIPs), Singapore

Online Networking and Stretch Break

COVID-19 & A Digital Reset

Reinventing Leadership in Pharma’s Digital Age

  • Rethinking innovations and resilient digital strategies amidst COVID-19
  • Other major issues facing digital transformation
  • Quantifying success of digital transformation
  • It takes a village: Importance of culture, and key characteristics of a “digital culture”
  • How to go about pulling the levers of cultural change and setting the right structures for digital transformation?

Geoff Wade, Chief Information Officer, AstraZeneca Asia, Singapore

Chandana Yeluri, Head- Digital and Continuous Improvement, Sandoz Development Center, Novartis, India
Sumeet Chandna, Head of Commercial Excellence, Learning and Digital, Cipla, India
Deepti Saraf, Chief Transformation Officer (Agile Transformation), Roche, Thailand
Regine Chung, Director and EA to the SVP / President of Region China, Head of Digital (interim), Novo Nordisk, Hong Kong
Danielle Bateman, Head of Commercial and Digital IT, Growth and Emerging Markets, Takeda, Singapore

COVID-19 Case Study: The Promise and Challenge of Big Data for Pharma

  • Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) – Industry’s R&D efforts
  • Current applications of data science in novel drug R&D
  • Bottlenecks with the use of data in drug development
  • Why does pharma need a “data science mindset”?
  • How far are we from completely replacing clinical trial evidence with real-world data sources?

Dr. Takashi Moriya, Director, Data Sciences, Research & Development Division, Janssen Pharmaceutical K.K. (Japan)

How is Artificial Intelligence Changing Drug Discovery and Advanced R&D?

  • The digital response to COVID-19 and new investment drivers
  • Key AI areas and projects in healthcare and pharma
  • AI in Drug Discovery – Accelerating the development of new treatments
  • International collaboration as key component of the government’s AI innovation development strategy

George Tseng, CEO, All Vista Healthcare Sub-center, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Joint Research Center for AI Technology and All Vista Healthcare, Taiwan

Tech Use in Trials, in the Case of COVID-19

  • Overview of digital tech opportunities for clinical trials
  • Recruitment for clinical and market research using digital health platforms
  • Redesigning and scaling up trials with IoT
  • Supply chain management with blockchain tech
  • Automated analyses and insights from big data with AI
  • Case Study: AskDr, a local digital solution initiated in response to COVID-19
  • Avenues for investments and co-development in digital health

Dr. Dinesh Visva Gunsekeran, Senior Lecturer (Medical Innovation), National University of Singapore, Clinical Researcher (Artificial Intelligence in Ophthalmology, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore

Pharma Supply Chain and How Next-Gen Digital Applications will reshape SCM post COVID 19

  • Applications of analytics in Glenmark’s pharma supply chain outreach
  • Monitoring drug, and ingredients supply chain for impact of COVID-19 pandemic
  • COVID-19: Managing supply chain risk and disruption
  • Addressing track and trace compliance requirements: One of India pharma industry’s most critical challenges globally

Edsel Pereira, Group Vice President - Information Technology, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, India

End of Virtual Conference Day 1

Day 2

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Tech Investments & Partnerships

Understanding Collaboration in Unprecedented Times: The Corporate Perspective 

  • Why are VCs and corporate ventures courting digital health start-ups?
  • COVID-19: Start-ups excelling in a time of crisis
  • What do start-ups want from their corporate accelerator partners, and vice-versa?
  • When does a collaboration make sense for each of the parties involved?
  • Which questions need to be solved to collaborate successfully?

Accelerated Digital Innovation During COVID-19 and Beyond

  • PIPs’ views on COVID-19 – Investment potential, focused tech areas, and who is being engaged
  • Observed market trends and how is PIPs working with the private sector to leverage on and adapt to these trends
  • Some issues facing manufacturing and supply chains in digitization
  • COVID-19 and its impact on pharma supply chain and manufacturing
  • Rapid process development and introduction

Dr. Keith Carpenter, A*STAR Senior Fellow, Pharma Innovation Programme Singapore (PIPs), Singapore

Securing Digital Health

Cybersecurity, Privacy and Compliance in Pharma 4.0

  • Current threat scenarios and evolving threats in healthcare cybersecurity
  • What factors to consider in the process of implementing cybersecurity practices to “best fit” your organization?
  • Maintaining the strategic balance between innovation and compliance: Regulations as a boon or a bane for innovations?

Subhajit Deb, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, India
Nitin Dhavate
, Country Head – Data Privacy (India and South Asia Cluster), Novartis, India
Christopher Ching
, Head of Singapore Informatics, Business Support, Roche Singapore Technical Operations
More panellists to be confirmed

Online Networking and Stretch Break

4 startups at the forefront of drug discovery and treatment R&D have been selected to pitch to a targeted audience of pharma manufacturers, biotechs, tech providers, VCs and investors.

Mesh Bio: Transforming Chronic Disease Management through Predictive Analytics

Dr. Andrew Wu, CEO and Co-Founder, Mesh Bio, Singapore

Eko.ai.: Automating the Fight against Heart Disease

Senior Representative from Eko.ai., Singapore

Medo.ai: AI-Augmented 3D Ultrasound platform at your fingertip

Dornoosh Zonoobi, Co-Founder and CEO, Medo.ai, Canada

Qritive: Accelerate R&D: AI-powered histopathology

Dr. Aneesh Sathe, CEO and Co-Founder, Qritive, Singapore

Combined Q&A Session

End of Virtual Conference Day 2

Day 3

Digitalising Consumer Engagement

How is Digital Tech Empowering the Self-Care Movement? 

  • How OTC market helps manage a pandemic?
  • Evolution of consumer-facing applications in the OTC market: From hospitals to smartphones, to home interconnections
  • Some use cases of wearables and mHealth applications in the OTC market
  • Digital strategies for improving OTC marketing success

Angela Brady, Director of Innovation Research, APAC R&D, GSK, Singapore          

Data-Driven Process Excellence – RPA in Pharma

  • Improving pharma workflows with better Process Management during pandemic crisis
  • Why process excellence matters to the pharma industry
  • Opportunities of business process management as a driver of innovation
  • Best practices for implementing process improvements
  • Some key process implementation pitfalls

Azuhar Mohammed, Head of Global Solution Center – Expertise & Innovation, Sanofi, Singapore

Driving Sales Force Effectiveness through new Consumer Engagement practices 

  • Sales force effectiveness (SFE) best practices and latest trends
  • Optimising pharma sales forces in times ripe for pandemics
  • COVID19 and digital adoption

Sharika Menon, Customer Engagement & Commercial Education Lead, Johnson & Johnson, Singapore   

Transforming The Way We Engage HCPs

  • Email Marketing, does it really work?
  • Importance of content marketing for pharma brands to deal with “Dr. Google”
  • Going beyond informative content
  • Augmenting Pharma Marketing via Commercial Activity
  • Rapid Adjustment of Customer Experience Strategy in Response to COVID-19

Desmond Lim, Digital Content & Capability Lead, Pfizer, Singapore

Online Networking and Stretch Break

Digital Transformation In Emerging Markets

Case Study: Development of Digital Distribution Channels in Indonesia

  • Trends in the retailing and distribution landscape
  • How did pharma distributors adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Reengineering pharmaceutical networks for the digital era
  • E-commerce UI/UX design: Principles and Strategies

Agustina Siahaan, Head of IT, SOHO Global Health, Indonesia

Establishing and Accelerating OTC Brand Growth in E-Commerce 

  • Overview of e-commerce trends in the consumer healthcare sector
  • Current state of e-commerce infrastructure development and baseline establishment
  • Growth acceleration plan to win in consumer healthcare

Hesnuaril Marlindayani, Head of E-Commerce & Digital, Consumer Health Indonesia, PT Bayer Indonesia

Case Study: Orchestrated Customer Engagement in Vietnam: From CRM to the CLM 

  • State of digital tools for customer engagement in Vietnam’s pharma market
  • Improving physician and patient engagement through Digital Journey Customer Mapping
  • How to develop an effective data flow management system and enhance targeted contents effectively for HCP activities

Danh Nguyen, Country Managing Director, Besins Healthcare, Vietnam

Diversity and Inclusion in Pharma

Cultivating the Next-Gen of Women Leaders in Pharma

  • Why does gender equality matter on the board?
  • Key challenges facing women leaders in Pharma
  • Management efforts to address some of these challenges, and remaining gaps
  • Reflections on the journey to the top
  • Breaking the glass ceiling: Lessons learnt along the way, and advice to my younger self
  • Management efforts to address some of these challenges, and remaining gaps

Anupama Rao Singh
, Director, Oncology and Hospital CoE, Global Generics, Emerging Markets, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, India
Angela Brady
, Director of Innovation Research, APAC R&D, GSK, Singapore
Chandana Yeluri, Head- Digital and Continuous Improvement, Sandoz Development Center, Novartis, India
More panelists to be confirmed

End of Day 3 Virtual Conference